About BLTC Group Inc.

After working in and with major corporations, including Ford Motor Company and Royal Bank, for nearly 40 years, Bob Dido established BLTC Group Inc. as a vehicle with which to deliver high value services to his client base. BLTC Group prides itself on its ability to create innovative solutions that deliver exceptional value to clients.

How do they do that? BLTC Group follows these principles, or its 5Cs:

  • Collaborative. BLTC Group facilitates solutions, consulting with clients, not to them
  • Committed. The team, headed by Bob Dido, is results-oriented, with a focus on getting the job done on time, on budget, and with knowledge transfer
  • Candid. Honest conversions with clients are essential; integrity is the hallmark of BLTC Group’s program
  • Comprehensive. BLTC Group works with proven methodologies and takes a systematic, holistic approach to all consulting assignments
  • Common sense. Theory transforms into practical real-world solutions that make sense for the client’s business

These principles are practiced by everyone who works with BLTC Group. Bob Dido has an extensive network of associates, contacts, and resources, each of whom must deliver value and demonstrate the utmost integrity and ingenuity in creating client-specific solutions.

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